Collaborative Applicant


A collaborative applicant (CA) is an entity designated by the CoC to submit the registration and application in the CoC Program Competition on behalf of the CoC. The CA is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the CoC planning efforts, and has the authority to certify and submit the CoC homeless assistance funding application. This entity was formerly referred to as the “lead agency”.

The MS Balance of State Continuum of Care has designated MUTEH Inc. as it’s collaborative applicant. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Maintain books of record and an accounting system that meets GAAP for the MS Balance of State Continuum of Care Governing Council
  2. Direct the duties and responsibilities of the Continuum Coordinator according to the identified needs of the Governing Council Keep the Governing Council up to date on relevant changes in HUD rules and regulations
  3. Provide a Quarterly Collaborative Applicant report 5. Conduct the HUD CoC Program Grant process
  4. Produce a CoC Annual Report
  5. Develop in cooperation with committees CoC performance targets appropriate for each population and program type based on HUD performance standards identified in HUD guidance, NOFAs and notices.
  6. Conduct performance monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all CoC program and ESG program recipients and sub recipients
  7. Serve as HMIS Lead Agency, operating the HMIS compliant with the HUD HMIS Grant Agreement and data collection and reporting standards.
  8. Coordinate and facilitate collaboration, training and technical assistance among agencies to ensure successful planning and partnerships in the Continuum of Care geographic area.

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To better understand the cooperative agreement between MUTEH and MS BoS CoC, view the Balance of State Collaborative Applicant Agreement

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