Coordinated Entry: Homelessness Prevention, Simplified

Agencies that receive ESG and SSVF funds for Homeless Prevention are required to participate in Coordinated Entry. Homeless Prevention services include activities or programs designed to prevent the incidence of Homelessness, including, but not limited to:

  • Short-term subsidies to defray rent and utility arrears
  • Security deposits or first month’s rent for a homeless family
  • Mediation programs for landlord-tenant disputes
  • Legal services program in eviction proceedings
  • Other innovative programs and activities designed to prevent homelessness

CES Responsibility to HP Service Agencies

  • CES will help these agencies to prioritize their Prevention funding services. Households within the MS BoS must access homeless prevention services through CES.
  • Each Regional will use a standardized assessment for HP provided by the CoC. 
  • All access points will utilize the Homelessness Prevention (HP) Assessment Tool for Individuals and families to prioritize households for referrals.

Homelessness Prevention Waitlist Workflow

STEP #1: Homelessness Prevention Outreach

Clients are added to the Coordinated Entry System via Regional HP Outreach Programs, Funded HP Outreach Programs.

After being added to HP Outreach Programs, agencies are to implement the HP Assessment Tool and add HP clients to their respective Regional HP Waitlist, prioritized by score.

Homelessness Prevention Assessment Tool (HPAT)

This tool is used only with currently housed households and feels they are at imminent risk of losing their housing. The tool:

  1. verifies eligibility for homelessness prevention assistance, and
  2. identifies the most vulnerable households most likely to experience homelessness if they do not receive assistance.

To view the tool, download here. Be sure to complete the tool in HMIS for digital records.

REgional HP Waitlists

Lists for those who are in varying need of prevention assistance. Lists are prioritized by HP Assessment Score.

Agency Housing Projects will assign clients to their programs from the Regional HP Waitlists. Furthermore, the assigned agency would be responsible for removing the HP client from the HP waitlist and adding the assigned HP clients into the program.

Agency Housing Projects assist prioritized HP clients in remaining stably housed.

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