PIT Step #4: Download PIT Resources

The MS Balance of State CoC wants to prepare all its volunteers for a successful Count! We want to make the following count tools available to you. Feel free to download each tools and print as you wish! See each tool below for resource details. Please feel free to reproduce these documents and conduct sample surveys with your team and agency.

‘Counting Us’: The Mobile App for Point-In-Time Count

The Counting Us mobile app was developed by Simtech Solutions to automate the collection of data for the annual homeless census.  The app is available from both

NOTE: To take for a test drive on the app, register an account and use the “setup key” of “DEMO”.

Here’s a video to help you get started using Counting Us: https://youtu.be/ign7U9c76eA

Point-In-Time Count Documents, Guides & Helps

Ready to count? Download this form, sign, date and return it. You can also complete this form online here: Become a Volunteer.

Cheat Sheet Cards

A quick reference card for the Count that includes tips for counting and the definition of homeless persons. Printing works best with 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch post cards, 4 per sheet, Avery #8387.

Mobile PIT Count Cheat Sheet

A more detailed cheat sheet for the Count that includes tips for counting and the definition of homeless persons. Prints on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Getting Started Information – Step by Step Instructions for the Mobile App

This step-by-step guide will help you to get started in downloading and setting up the mobile app. Using the app is the best way to learn it, and with activities in Test mode, training surveys are excluded from the report. This also allows administrators to see which volunteers have prepared! For more information, contact Reginald Glenn (rglenn@msbos.org).

Check Your Drafts – Step by Step Instructions for the Mobile App

This step-by-step guide will help you make sure that you’ve submitted all surveys for the PIT Count on the Counting Us app. For more information, contact Reginald Glenn (rglenn@msbos.org).

Care Packs Card

If you and your group are interested in providing care packs for the homeless participants during the Count, here’s a handy insert containing approved care pack items. Care packs can be used for counting purposes or donated to BoS member agencies for count distribution. For more information, contact Reginald Glenn (rglenn@muteh.org).

PIT Count Community Engagement Letter

As you make your community aware of the Point-In-Time Count, you can hand them this official letterhead notice of the PIT. This is especially applicable to local police departments, city halls, local businesses, neighborhood associations, etc.

If you need something more finely detailed to send to local partners, please contact PIT Count Coordinator Reginald Glenn (rglenn@msbos.org) for customization.

NOTE: Here’s a customized letter for social services agencies:

PIT ‘Save The Date’ Cards

A basic printout to distribute to those interested in participation for the Point-In-Time. Printing works best with letter size, white card stock (front & back).


Introductions are a key to a successful PIT Survey Interview. Use these name tags as a source of identification when in the field during the PIT Count. Printing works best with Pin Style Name Badges, 8 per sheet, Avery #74549.

2024 PIT Count Press Release

This document serves as the official release of the MS Balance of State’s intent to count homeless persons in January 2022. Feel free to share the document with anyone who need official notice of the Count.

Also, there’s version that can be edited by your organization and shared with local media:

Supplemental Resources

Agency Consent For Data Sharing

If you come in contact with a new agency that serves homeless individuals, we want to ensure their confidence and trust in the handling of PIT data. Information collected for the PIT in the HMIS database is protected in compliance with the standards set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Every person and agency that is authorized to read or enter information into the database has signed an agreement to maintain the security and confidentiality of the information. Any person or agency that is found to violate their agreement may have their access rights terminated and may be subject to further penalties.

Client Consent to Release of Information

This document is a formal agreement between the interviewer and survey participant that authorizes the conducting and review of PIT data for research and reporting purposes. The authorization expires after one (1) year.

Contact Lists

If you are helping to volunteer with the PIT Count, contact with local/regional agencies are very important. This resource serves documentation list for the organizations you come in contact with as you prepare for the Count. To help MUTEH reach out and follow-up with the those organizations after the Count for results or membership, please email a copy of your contact list to rglenn@muteh.org.

Implementation Timeline

To understand the steps needed to implement the Count, download the PIT Implementation Timeline. It details, deadlines, processes, and key dates noted pre- to post-Count.

Regional Coalition Map

Don’t know what regional area your team will be helping to count? This county map shows what region of the state your team will a part of counting.

Regional PIT Coordinator Tasklist

This document lists the tasks and responsibilities of a regional coordinator for the Point-In-Time Count.

Service Refusal Tracking Sheet

If a potential participant refuses to participate or has a reason not to participate, they can be tracked via our refusal tracking sheet.

Point-In-Time Count Surveys

2022 PIT Survey – For Sheltered and Unsheltered Homeless Persons

This survey is the general survey that will be used to count sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons.The PIT Survey has been simplified by detaching it from the VI-SPDAT to form a more efficient survey to assess the needs of our homeless community.

2022 PIT Survey – For Sheltered and Unsheltered Domestic Violence Victims

If you are a Domestic Violence service organization and would like to count your Domestic Violence Shelter, download the Domestic Violence Version of the PIT Survey above. If you have any questions about the administering of this survey, please contact Reginald Glenn (rglenn@msbos.org).

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