PIT Step #2: Watch the Orientation Videos

To prepare volunteers to count, we prepared videos that give examples of how to conduct various surveys as well as provide quick tips for a safe and successful count. Please take note of the screen tips within the video–they will allow PIT volunteers to complete the PIT Count Volunteer Orientation QuizScroll below to view or download all of the videos required to complete the Orientation Quiz.

If you would like to watch the videos in a playlist format before taking the quiz, see the following link: 2018 PIT Video Playlist

Unsheltered Interview for Homeless Individuals

Unsheltered Interview for Homeless Individuals

Interview for Sheltered Individuals & Domestic Violence Victims

Mobile PIT Count App Walkthrough

If you are planning on using ‘Counting Us” the mobile PIT app, here’s a technical walkthrough to ensure that you will have an efficient count using your mobile device. The Counting Us mobile app was developed by Simtech Solutions to automate the collection of data for the annual homeless census.

To follow along with the walkthrough, download the Counting Us App:

Tips for Counting During the PIT Count

Webinar: ‘Counting Us’ Mobile App – October 2018

This video provides an overview of the tools available in ‘Counting Us’ the mobile app we will be using to to help perform the PIT Count.

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