PIT Count

One of HUD’s requirements for funding is that a Point-in-Time (PIT) count of the homeless, both sheltered and unsheltered, must be conducted in Mississippi. This survey is conducted every 2 years and is only for a specific 24-hour period of time. The count gives them a reflection of how many persons are homeless on any given night in our state.

The Balance of State Continuum of Care, which covers the majority of counties within the state, participates in this statewide effort in order to bring federal resources into the state to address issues of homelessness in our communities. These resources come from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Continuum of Care Process.


Click on the links below to access Point In Time results.





Pre-2011 Results

The January 25, 2007 count resulted in 1322 persons homeless on that particular night. The January 26, 2009 count resulted in 2749 persons homeless on that particular night. The 2009 count is a 100% increase from the 2007 Point in Time count.







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