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Any person, agency, or organization having an interest in or providing services to homeless individuals within our catchment area shall become eligible for membership. MSBoS Governing Council meets on the second Thursday of every quarter.

Members and community organizations meet in Regional Coalition Meetings monthly. Meetings are open to any agency or person interested in the Continuum of Care. Agencies are notified on a regular basis regarding monthly meeting agendas and any other information of importance concerning homeless issues.


Any member in good standing is entitled to one vote. Members are expected to participate in all activities sponsored by the organization, e.g. meeting, committee assignments, data collection for CoC, publicity, and support the organization in other ways necessary through the CoC process.

Below is our membership/participation policy for our Governance Charter (revised 6-2022):

Participation includes utilizing the MSBoS CoC Coordinated Entry System (CES), Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) (if applicable/user fees may apply), as well as attending CoC trainings, regional coalition meetings, and the CoC annual meeting. Agencies will also need to register via the membership application portal. This shall not exclude, however, the Governing Council from limiting participation in subcommittees, task forces, ad hoc workgroups and other network groups associated with the MS Balance of State Continuum of Care as it deems necessary to conduct the work of the CoC. Agencies and individuals that have actively participated in the CoC meetings and are currently on their membership registration may vote on matters presented to the CoC membership.

Membership Dues

There is no cost associated with being a member of the MS Balance of State CoC network, but we do ask you to register at our website and to participate in our Continuum of Care.

Your Commitment…

Upon joining Mississippi Balance of State Continuum of Care (BoS), I commit to do the following:

  • Support the mission, goals, processes, and leadership of the MSBoS as agreed by the members
  • Send an authorized representative(s) to attend all MSBoS meetings (quarterly & regional meetings)
  • Prepare for each meeting by reading all pre-distributed materials
  • Actively participate in all MSBoS-convened meetings from beginnings to adjournment

Our Goals Are to…

  • Build and maintain a community-based Continuum of Care process
  • Advocate for a full continuum of programs and services
  • Ensure that homeless persons are treated with dignity and care
  • Engaged in planning and evaluation to maximize the use of existing resources, and
  • Advocate for policy changes that promote a comprehensive, long-term approach to solve homelessness.
  • Advocate for all those who are homeless, at-risk of becoming homeless, or were formerly homeless.

Join Us!
Interested in joining Mississippi Balance of State Continuum of Care? Fill out the following form online form:

OR download and complete the PDF version:

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