CoC Documents

This page includes documents that may be helpful members of the Continuum of Care (CoC):

  • CoC Written Standards [399 kb]
    Description: The Continuum of Care (CoC) is responsible for coordinating and implementing a system to meet the needs of the population and subpopulations experiencing homelessness within the geographic coverage area of MS Balance of State. This document (1) establish and consistently follow written standards for providing Continuum of Care assistance, (2) establish performance targets appropriate for population and program type, and (3) monitor recipient and sub-recipient performance.
  • Coordinated Entry Policy Brief [248 kb]
    Description: This policy brief describes HUD’s views of the characteristics of an effective coordinated entry process. This brief does not establish requirements for Continuums of Care (CoCs), but rather is meant to inform local efforts to further develop CoCs’ coordinated entry processes.
  • HUD HMIS Data Standards Manual [Size: 1.6 MB]
    Description: The HMIS Data Manual is designed for HMIS Lead Agency system administrators, Continuum of Care leaders, and HMIS users. The Manual lists and defines data elements to be collected in an HMIS and provides definitions and program use context for data collection. Identical data elements are presented in the Data Dictionary and Data Manual but the readership and context is different.
  • HUD HMIS Data Dictionary [Size: 2.6 MB]
    Description: The HMIS Data Dictionary is designed for HMIS vendors and HMIS Lead Agencies and HMIS System Administrators to understand all of the data elements required in an HMIS, data collection and function of each required element and the specific use of each element by the appropriate federal partner. The HMIS Data Dictionary should be the source for HMIS software programming.

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