Regional Coalitions

Regional Coalitions are created to be an created to be an alliance of individuals and organization from a specific region that come together to address the issues surrounding homelessness & social services in their community. The goal is to focus on system-wide changes and collaborations that foster relationships between organizations as well as better services for clients.

Coalition Meeting Participation

If you would like to participate, email Also, you can attend a regional meeting in your area to inquire about our coalitions. See individual coalition pages for the dates and meeting times of each coalition.

Coalition Meeting Minutes

Coalition Meeting Minutes are available on each region’s respective pages.

Regional Coalitions

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  1. […] During the MS Balance of State (BoS) Continuum of Care (CoC) Annual Meeting, CoC Coordinator Reginald Glenn gave a presentation analyzing the PIT Count for the State of Mississippi. This presentation contains data for sheltered and unsheltered persons, as well as homeless subpopulations. This presentation will be continued and tailored for the CoC Regional Coalitions.  […]

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