2016 PIT Update: How To Volunteer & Access Resources

The MS Balance of State CoC wants to adequately supply all volunteers with sufficient resources to have a successful and thorough count! Surveys & forms, links, videos, and other information can be found on muteh.wordpress.com.

Next Steps: Become a 2016 PIT Volunteer

To volunteer for the Count, complete the first 3 links under the ‘Pages’ header to the left of the PIT Resource Site.

  • #2: Watch the Volunteer Orientation Videos
    To prepare volunteers to count, we prepared videos that give examples of how to conduct various surveys as well as provide quick tips for a safe and successful count.
  • #3: Volunteer Orientation Quiz
    In addition to volunteers the watching the 2016 PIT Count videos, all volunteers MUST COMPLETE the volunteer orientation quiz prior to assisting with the count. The quiz is brief and can be easily completed within 20-30 minutes if you watch the videos embedded within the online quiz. Note: If your organization does not allow for video viewing within their office network, the embedded video may not appear. If you can access the media outside of your office network, please do so.

Download the PIT Count Resources

  • Feel free to download each tools and print as you wish! See each tool for resource details. Please feel free to reproduce these documents and conduct sample surveys with your team and agency. See link resources:  https://muteh.wordpress.com/resources/

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