IMPORTANT : Referral Information & PIT Guidance

PIT Guidance Update

Individuals and families experiencing homeless in a hotel and motel voucher arrangements paid by a public or private non-profit agency being surveyed in the Point-In-Time Count must be accompanied by documentation from the agency as proof of the voucher. The documentation must be in the form of:

  • a copy of the receipt (showing the agency as the payer)
  • letter on agency letterhead with clients listed and dates of stay.

For more information, on this guidance contact PIT Coordinator Reginald Glenn via email (

Homeless Referral Information

As we draw closer to the 2018 Point-In-Time Count, we want our volunteers to be aware of our Continuum of Care’s processes related to ending of homelessness for special populations. Our network seeks to insure that homeless programs throughout the state are receiving coordinated referrals to service homeless individuals in multiple situations.

Should you as a volunteer encounter persons who have special needs and require immediate attention, the following channels have been designated by the Balance of State for referrals:

Have More Questions About Referrals?

If you have additional questions about referrals for homeless individuals, please contact MUTEH Inc. at (601) 960-0557. Staff should be able to give insights to referrals custom to client situations.

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