PIT Follow-Up Information

PIT Survey Submission

There are two ways to submit your initial survey data to the MS Balance of State CoC: 

  • By Email: Surveys can be scanned and emailed to pitcount@muteh.org OR to the PIT Coordinator Reginald Glenn (rglenn@muteh.org).
  • By Fax: Surveys can be faxed to MUTEH’s Office via the following number:(866) 551.0916

Initial submissions must be sent to us by the deadline of Friday, February 3rd.

In addition, to electronic submission, we would also like to have all original surveys submitted to our office through the following mediums:

  • By Mail: All surveys can be mailed to MUTEH Offices – 201 W. Capitol Street, Suite #800, Jackson, MS 39201. Survey submissions must be postmarked by Monday, February 6th.
  • By Personal Delivery: If desired, the surveys can also be personally delivered to MUTEH Offices – 201 W. Capitol Street, Suite #800, Jackson, MS 39201.

*Note: If the above arrangements are not possible, contact MUTEH for special instruction.

Housing Inventory Count (HIC)

In the upcoming days all shelter programs within our continuum will receive an email or phone call about the Housing Inventory Count (HIC). The Housing Inventory Count details the number of shelter beds (emergency, transitional, and permanent supportive) all across our continuum. The message will contain an information sheet to tell us more about your program and will help us to verify the shelter data for those who were in your program on the PIT Reference Night (January 23, 2017). We would appreciate your team’s contribution to the HIC.

For more information about the Housing Inventory Count, see this article on OneCPD.

Thank You

Thanks to the homeless agencies, schools, ministries, and organizations that contributed resources to help us! Know that you are not only helping us, but helping us serve the people of our great state.

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