Oak Arbor is hosting a 2-day diversion workshop will be held on Wed., Feb. 27 and Thurs. Feb. 28 2019. The event will be held the following location

PRCC Lowery Woodall Center
906 Sullivan Drive
Hattiesburg, MS


The price is $150 per person. Make checks and money orders payable to:

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources
PO Box 18679
Hattiesburg, MS 39404 .


There are limited spots remaining, so please register now! Please email Amy Lyon at with the names of people who you would like to send.

Workshop Overview:

Cleveland Mediation Center’s Diversion work is rooted in the non-judgmental, client-centered approach taught in this class. Mediators work to empower parties to be heard, listen, problem-solve and create their own solutions – similarly, diversion advocates listen to persons facing homelessness and assist the clients in choosing their own path out of homelessness. 

To learn more about the Cleveland Mediation Center, visit: 

Diversion Training Learning Objectives:

    1. Applying the Empowerment Theory of Conflict to Crisis
    2. Conflict Resolution Approach
    3. When and Where Diversion Can Happen
    4. Diversion Is…
    5. National Alliance to End Homelessness: Principles for Good Homeless Prevention
    6. What Causes Homelessness?
    7. Referrals, Coordinated Assessment, and Diversion Questions
    8. Coordinated Assessment Analogy
    9. Funding Diversion
    10. Diversion Work
    11. Staffing Diversion
    12. Job Posting Example
    13. Impact of Conflict and Crisis
    14. Impact of Crisis on Self Worth
    15. How People in Crisis View Others
    16. Reversing the Downward Spiral
    17. How Can We Help Change the Dynamic?
    18. Listening Skill Building
    19. Keys to Success
    20. Cleveland Mediation Center Diversion Numbers
    21. Diversion Steps
    22. Things to Consider
    23. Diversion Outcomes
    24. Troubleshooting
    25. Reality Testing
    26. Think Housing First



Please email Amy Lyon via email

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